Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is Alan Pardew the Woody Hayes of Real Football?

Woody Hayes was a great football coach at Ohio State University, who had a habit of brutalizing his own players, but is infamous for punching a player from an opposing team. Alan Pardew is the manager of Newcastle United (formerly at Stoke), who is mostly famous for instilling in his players a thuggish defensive mentality. That is, until today, when he took matters into his own hands by head-butting Hull City player David Meyler, while Meyler was trying to retrieve a ball on the sideline. At the time, Newcastle were winning 3-1. I wish I could show you a photo, but you understand about copyright rules. You can, however, find a clear photo of the event on Google Images. ESPN Soccernet has the full story, here.

I wouldn't be surprised if the FA relegates Pardew to the stands, or even bans him from the stadium, for the remaining 10 matches of the season.

UPDATE: I did finally manage to find an open-access photograph of the headbutt:

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