Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Indiana Abolishes Common Core. Next in Line: Public Schools?

Indiana has become the first state to abandon the "common core," a program developed by state education superintendents working with state governors, that seeks to set a national standard for achievement in grades K-12 (see here). I confess I have mixed feelings about this move.

On the one hand, I am no fan of national education standards or, especially, standardized testing, which virtually forces teachers to "teach to the test." On the other hand, the attack on the "common core" in Indiana was led by the Tea Party (see here), and I can't imagine agreeing with the Tea Party on any education policy. If we allow the Tea Party to determine our educational priorities, the entire system of public education, which is deeply flawed but still vital to the American experiment in democracy, would soon be dismantled, and everyone would be home-schooled with the Bible as the only science text.

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