Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Probably Not the Right Person to Ask About Religious Liberty for Corporations

Today, the Court heard oral arguments in a case brought by two corporations, arguing that they should be exempt on religious grounds from the Affordable Care Act's requirement that they provide health insurance to employees that includes contraceptive care. You can get a decent background understanding about the case here.

From my point of view, this case shouldn't even be before the court. And religious liberty shouldn't extend any farther than prohibiting the government from enacting laws that discriminate on the basis of religious belief (or disbelief). Among other things, this means that churches should not be exempt from property taxes or other taxes that apply equally to every other property owner. And they should have to abide by all duly enacted laws that do not tend to "establish" one church (or one set of churches) over another (or others).

We should never have even gotten to the point where we are considering ruling a law unconstitutional because of the religious convictions (however sincere) of some corporation's owners (obviously, corporations cannot themselves have religious beliefs or convictions - that is another respect in which corporations definitely are not people).

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