Saturday, March 8, 2014

FA Cup: Arsenal 4 - Everton 1

After a very busy week, I didn't realize Arsenal had a early start this morning, so I slept through it. Just saw the highlights. I was an important win for the Gunners to get them back on track, including an important goal from Ozil to get him back on track, and a gorgeous final goal created on a sweeping counter-attack.

Arsenal move on to the FA Cup semi-finals. Given that, it may not be such a bad thing that they are up against the ropes in the Champion's League, trailing Bayern Munich 2-0 (on two away goals) with a trip to Munich coming up. It could be that Arsenal's prospects of winning either the FA Cup or (more doutfully) the Premiership would be marginally improved by having a two or more fewer games to play in European competition. All we Gooners really want are one good piece of silverware this year; anything beyond that is too much to hope for.

UPDATE: Arsenal weekend got better on Sunday, when Wigan beat Man City. The Gunners will face them, rather than their League title rivals, at Wembley in the FA Cup semifinals. The winner of that match will then face off against either Hull City or Sheffield United in the Cup final. Of that foursome, Arsenal must be the clear favorite. Hopefully, that will not generate a sense of complacency around the Emirates. Arsenal need to approach the semis and, hopefully, the finals, as the hungry outsiders they have been for the last eight years.

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