Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10-Men Arsenal Capitulate: Gunners 0 - Bayern Munich 2

I didn't see the first half, including Ozil's missed penalty that would have given Arsenal the lead and Szczesny's red card, which I heard was well-deserved (I was teaching). I almost wish I had missed the second half. Despite Arsenal's dogged defending, two moments of brilliance undid them. And now the Gunners face the same problem they confronted last season in the Champion's League - heading back to Munich with a big deficit to overcome. Like last year, I expect the Gunners to give it all they have; if they do, they may come out of the match with the same kind of momentum that carried them last season to a fine finish to the Premier League campaign.

BTW, can anyone please explain to me why Arsene Wenger treats Lucas Podolski with such disdain? It seems like everytime he plays, Podolski scores and then is removed from the game and benched until the next time someone is injured. Does Wenger really think Podolski gives less effort on the pitch than, say, Ozil?

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