Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Exciting (and Musical) Literary Events

Richard Powers' brand new novel, Orfeo arrived in my mailbox today. Powers is my favorite fiction writer and, I would predict, a future Nobel laureate (not that that's the ultimate test of literary merit). Several reviews already have appeared (e.g.,those who haven't been here, here, here, and here). I probably won't bother posting my own review. Even if I were less biased than I am, it's safe to assume it would simply be a rave. I don't know how many so-called MacArthur "Genius" Grant recipients really are geniuses. But Richard Powers is one.

I also received, in the same package, John Elliot Gardiner's highly lauded (see, e.g., here) musicological biography, Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven (Knopf 2013). I'm excited to see how Gardiner's book compares (or not) to Christoph Wolff's magisterial, Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician (Norton 2000 - can it already be 13 years old?).

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