Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back to NYC

This time for Dick Stewart's "Workshop on Building Block Strategies for Global Climate Action" at NYU Law School. The participant list is quite impressive, so I'm looking forward to some good discussion, contestation, and learning.

I've written a short paper for the workshop on climate change as a common-pool resource problem/assurance game, the outcome of which depends on levels of mutual trust. A key benefit of polycentric approaches to climate policy, in this context, is to increase the frequency of communications and the variety of interactions (bilateral as well as multilateral) among major emitting parties so as to build (over time) the mutual trust required to generate higher levels of cooperation on greenhouse gas mitigation. An example of a potentially useful new forum that could result in higher levels of mutual trust is the recently established "US-China Climate Change Working Group" (see here).

If all goes (reasonably) well at the workshop, I plan to post the paper on SSRN sometime soon.

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