Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rare Saturday Group Ride in B-town

Several of my cycling buddies (nearly half of Team Treachery & Deceit) drove down from Indy today to ride the hills with Dr. Jim and me this afternoon. We rode both sides of Lake Lemon, Shilo Road, and up into the Morgan-Monroe State Forest on Beanblossom, for a total of nearly 44 miles and more than 3200 feet of climbing. Thanks to David, Larry, Kenny, Big Frank, Ed (and his son Ryan, a former Little 5 rider), Bill, and Terry for making the drive down for a very pleasant, if windy, Saturday ride. I hope I tempted them all to come back again soon with a post-ride feast featuring Aver's pizza and Fat Tire.

Special kudos to Ed, who got a new hip just last year, and still beats me up the hills at the youthful age of 68. Also, Kenny, who just turned 60, has really gotten stronger in the last year or so. I can't say that I could ever have beat Ken up the hills, but at least we used to ride them together. Not any more.

I'm still the slowest rider in the group (especially uphill), but at least I'm also still the heaviest. (I wonder whether those facts are correlated.)

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