Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Visit to the UDP Faculty of Law in Santiago

Many thanks to the Rector of the University Diego Portales (UDP) in Santiago, Carlos Peña González, as well as Matias Guilof and Dominique Herve of the UDP Faculty of Law, for organizing and hosting a conference around my work relating to property systems and environmental protection last Friday. In addition to the Rector's thoughtful and erudite opening remarks, the interdisciplinary groups of panelists were all excellent (as were the contemporaneous translators). I learned a lot about issues relating to Chile's various systems of property.

Dominique and Matias also went above and beyond the call of duty in taking great care of my wife and me during the visit. The took us to a few of Santiago's many great restaurants (including Rivoli, which is highly recommended), and made sure we sampled a number of great Chilean wines, including, most notably a particularly fine Carmenere from the von Stiebenthal winery (located to the north of Santiago). On Saturday, they drove us out to Valparaiso on the coast for some sight-seeing and another fine meal, before our plane left late Saturday night.

Santiago is a fun and lively city, full of joggers, cyclists, walkers, shoppers, and diners. Filled with cafes bordering tree-lined streets, museums, many nice parks, and lots of shopping, it's well worth a visit.

The Law Faculty at UDP

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