Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Few Observations About the Colts Win Over the Texans

1. Whoever thought that the Colts would not miss Reggie Wayne were kidding themselves. The Colts had no replacement slot receiver who could make the hot reads, and it showed throughout the game (and in Luck's first-half passing stats). In particular, if Darious Heyward-Bey is the answer, I don't know the question.

2. The refs had a terrible game, almost entirely to the detriment of the Colts (especially the missed roughing-the-kicker call and the wholly unjustified reversal of a correct call on a fumble by Houston).

3. The Texans played as if it were a playoff game, which it virtually was to them. Much credit to their young quarterback, Case Keenum, who didn't look like it was only his second start. His offensive line gave him great support, keeping the Colts pass rush at bay. (The same cannot be said of the Colts offensive line throughout most of the contest.)

4. At halftime, I thought there was no way the Colts were going to come back from an 18-point deficit playing away from home.

5. Andrew Luck's poise, self-belief and belief in his teammates, when the Colts are trailing, is simply amazing. This was his 10th fourth-quarter comeback victory in 23 professional starts.

6. Many thanks from Colts fans to the Houston kicker.

7. Finally, sincerely felt best wishes to Houston head coach Gary Kubiak, who collapsed at halftime and was taken to the hospital. The Texans had all the momentum going into the break, and it's hard to imagine that Kubiak's absence didn't demoralize them a bit. And he's also the team's offensive play-caller.

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