Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jim Irsay's Operating Instructions: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Today is payback day -- the day Peyton Manning shows Jim Irsay just what he thought of Irsay's insults from earlier in the week (see comments here). Whatever Irsay thought he might have been doing with those comments (getting under Peyton's skin or whatever), everyone (and I mean every Colts coach, player, and fan) wishes he had just kept his mouth shut.

Jim Irsay is a very rich man - the son of a son of a self-made man, and the proud owner of an NFL franchise that he inherited from his father. Like many rich men (think Donald Trump), he holds the mistaken belief that money = intelligence.

As a Colts fan, and someone who believes that the Colts were right to draft Andrew Luck, even if it meant letting Peyton go (which I had hoped did not have to happen, see here), I dearly wish someone, anyone, could convince Irsay to (a) keep his mouth shut, (b) let his coaches coach, and (c) let his players play. It would probably have to be someone even wealthier, and therefore more intelligent, than Mr. Irsay. Is Trump available?

By the way, Go Colts!

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