Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For Whom To Root After Jens Retires?

Everyone loves Jens Voigt because of his toughness, his sense of humor, his crazy attacks, the way he makes himself and everyone else suffer, when he turns the screw at the front of the peloton, and did I mention his crazy attacks? But Jens is planning to retire after next year, just before he turns 43. Hopefully, between now and then, he'll give us a lot more to cheer about. But it doesn't solve the biggest problem we have: To whom should we transfer our allegiance after the great man retires? Obviously, no rider can fill Jens' shoes. No other rider has a website dedicated to his famous sayings and famous sayings about him (see here, and keep refreshing).

Having acknowledged Jens' uniqueness, allow me to humbly suggest Adam Hansen, the Aussie rider for Lotto-Belisol (who just happens to be in today's stage of the Vuelta). Earlier this year, he won a stage of the Giro in a similar breakaway. But here's really all you need to know about Hansen: next week, when the Vuelta ends, he will have successfully ridden seven grand tours in a row: all three this year, all three last year, and the Vuelta the year before. Talk about a grueling program of racing. Talk about a truly super domestique. Truly a strong man of the peloton.

BTW, does anyone happen to know the record for consecutive completions of grand tours?

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