Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Ride

After not getting up to Indy to ride with the old group for the entire summer, I've now made it up two weeks in a row. Today's ride was an official Team Treachery & Deceit ride, but without any treachery or deceit. The 51-mile ride was called to average between 18 and 20 mph, and we averaged 19. Anytime the speed inched up above 23 mph, the call went out to moderate the pace.

I was surprised only a dozen riders (including a strong cohort of 4 or 5 women) showed up given the glorious fall weather. When the ride started, it was about 58 degrees. By the time we sagged at the gas station in Lebanon, on the way back, everyone had stripped off arm warmers, vests, and knee warmers, as the temperature rose into the mid-70s. Humidity was low, and the wind, while certainly a factor, wasn't blowing as hard as it often does this time of year.

On the ride back in from Lebanon, Bob Brooks and Brian Murphy deserve special credit by giving the entire group a strong pull for about 10 miles, into a pretty stiff south wind (of about 9 mph). They kept the speed a constant 22 mph, which made it very easy on all of us riding in their slipstreams. After they finally pulled off the front, the pulls got a lot shorter and the speeds a lot more variable.

Overall, I was pleased to be able to stick with the group without much trouble. All of the hills down here around B-town make it pretty easy to ride the flats up around Indy, especially when I'm mostly riding at the back of the group (although I did take a couple of legitimate pulls today). I wouldn't kid myself about sticking with the bigger Nebo Ridge group, when they ride hard; but I don't really care about that any more.

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