Monday, September 2, 2013

Lots of Miles After Week Off

Having taken a rest week off the bike, I got back to cycling yesterday and today. On Sunday, Dr. Jim and I didn't go far, just the Forest Route from my house, but we rode it fairly hard, averaging 17.3 mph for the 25-mile ride, including the climb up Beanblossom. Today, we went for endurance over pace, riding a 42-mile route to the south and west of Bloomington from his house on the southeast side of town. Lots of fun rollers on the first part of the ride, and Popcorn Road out of Harrodsburg was great. Lots of climbing on the way back into town. After we got back to Jim's house, I pretty much soft pedaled my way back home, barely getting up the north side of Griffy Lake. I totaled just under a metric century at 61.6 miles. All in all, a solid weekend of riding after a week off the bike.

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