Sunday, September 8, 2013

Colts Beat Raiders, But Haven't Solved Last Year's Problems

In the first half, it looked like the Colts would roll to an easy victory, behind Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and an improved running game. But even before the half ended, old bad habits began creeping in. The offensive line broke down; Luck was sacked five times and hit or harassed many others. The running game bogged down in the second half. And the Colts defense seemed mystified by Raider quarterback Aaron Pryor, who had an outstanding debut, except for a couple of crucial errors. The Colts beefed-up defensive line kept the Raider's running backs in check, but the slippery QB ran rampant, and Colts couldn't figure out how to solve it. It almost cost them the game, and would have but for Luck's ability, so often in evidence last season, to rally the troops for a 4th quarter comeback, which he capped off with a 12-yard touchdown dash.

If the Colts don't solve their pass protection problems, it's going to be another long, bruising season for Luck. Hopefully, they won't run into too many more quarterbacks like Pryor, who looks to have all the makings of a terrific pro, once he gets the rookie mistakes out of his system.

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