Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Ride

I haven't been posting about my rides lately, not because I haven't been riding but because it's been so inconsistent week to week. Between my two jaunts to Europe for conferences, followed by two weekend trips to Chicago to visit family, I've managed to get in a few 130+ mile weeks. But then my left knee started aching, and I eased back on the miles a bit to give it more rest. But there was no way I was going to rest it today on the nicest day for riding I can ever remember in August.

When Dr. Jim and I left my house at 10 am, the temperature was 68 degrees, with low humidity and a nice breeze from the northeast. We did a moderately hard 40 mile ride (Jim probably got in an extra 15 riding from and back to his house) that featured more than 2800 feet of climbing, including Beanblossom, Salem Rd, Buskirk, Kinser Pike (up to 37), and Hinkle back up to my house. It was a good test for my knee, a test that the knee did not pass with flying colors. I think it might be time to schedule an appointment with my orthopod, Dr. Joe.

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