Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On a Day Like This, One Simply Must Ride (If At All Possible)

It was in the mid-50s this August morning in South-Central Indiana. The high temperature for the day was 75. The sun is shining; humidity is low, and a fresh breeze is blowing from the north gusting to around 15 mph. For any avid cyclist, weather like this in mid-August is a pure gift of nature. Who could refuse to accept such a gift?

With about 10 days until the start of school, and my summer work mostly finished, my schedule right now is a bit more flexible than usual. So, I had no trouble getting out for a 27-mile ride (the "Orchard Ride") this afternoon (with my highest average power of the entire year). I enjoyed the solo ride, but even more than usual, I miss my comrades who are gone (Karl) or injured (Tim). Having missed my share of fair-weather riding this season (which has, truth be told, been an epic season for cyclists in this part of the country), I'm also mindful of my cycling buddies who are too tied up to get out for a ride today, and hope they can get out tomorrow and/or the next few days, so long as this glorious weather lasts.

Tomorrow promises a ride with Dr. Jim. Should be a nice day to ride around Lake Lemon and up Beanblossom into the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

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