Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tour de France Kicks (Out) American Rider, When He's Down

Shame on the Tour de France for failing to exercise compassion to keep Ted King in the race. King finished Tuesday's team time trial 7 seconds outside the elimination time. Ignoring the fact that King was riding with a separated shoulder, injured in a crash he did not cause earlier in the race, the Tour organization's decision is more than harsh. Especially on the heels on the organizers' decision not to strictly enforce the rules on the first stage, after a crash collected several riders, including GC contenders, giving them all the same time as the rest of the peloton even though the crash occurred outside the final 3 km, the elimination of King seems both arbitrary and heartless.

Here's a question for you: Suppose King were a French rider, do you believe he would have been eliminated?

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