Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Arsenal fans have been waiting for months for the promised big-name signings to appear. The Gunner's preseason tour of Asia got underway today, and still no big signings who would make an immediate difference in the first team. As usual, Arsene Wenger and Co. are dragging out the transfer process and operating in complete secrecy. One troubling sign already is that Wenger has signaled that he believes he already has a team that can win the Premiership, which is highly doubtful, and the Champion's League, which is ridiculous. They desperately need a quality striker, such as Higuain, as well as a true defensive midfielder - a position Mikel Arteta tried hard to fill last year, but with only limited success. It's not just a matter of adding depth, as Mr. Wenger has suggested. Arsenal need to add quality to its first team. The clock is ticking, and Arsenal fans are, for good reason, starting to get nervous.

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