Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cyclingprof's Third Rule of Cycling

3. Except for those who race (and even for many who do), there is no such thing as a "junk mile." Every mile on the bike is a good mile. (This rule even applies to riding indoors on a trainer or rollers.)

I originally entitled this post "Cyclingprof's First Rule of Cycling," but quickly realized that two other rules had to take precedence: 

1. Never ride without a helmet (except on a trainer).
2. Enjoy riding (even if you're just doing hard and tedious hill repeats). 

Needless to say, several other rules exist, but I have not yet taken the time to order them. They include (among others): 
  • If you must compare yourself with better cyclists, then as a matter of fairness you must also compare yourself with weaker cyclists (or even couch potatoes).
  • For endurance cyclists, "Bag Balm" might be the greatest invention ever.
  • Avoid riding in groups with cyclists who don't know how to ride safely in groups - this is especially important for older cyclists, who take (much) longer to heal after crashes.
  • If someone from "Team Treachery and Deceit" (other than me) announces that his legs are tired and he's just going to sit in, that rider will attack.
  • Most older cyclists do not ride super-light carbon bikes to get a performance edge but because we can afford them.

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