Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arsenal's Master Plan

Do they have one? Or is Wenger simply going insane? With Gonzalo Higuain still available, Arsenal have doubled-down on their effort to buy mentally-deficient striker Luis Suarez from Liverpool. Having been convicted of racist abuse and twice biting opposing players (and still facing a six-game ban for the most recent biting incident), the Gunners offered a team record 40 million pounds (plus one) for the biting striker (or should that be striking biter?). The offer exceeds by a factor of 2.5 Arsenal's previous record signing of Andrei Arshavin. How'd that one work out?

Goodness knows what's going on inside the brain trust (if that's the proper name for it) at the Emirates Stadium. Only three weeks til the start of the season, and still no big name signings. If Suarez is brought in, I'll still support the team, but I won't be happy about it.

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