Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Ride

I finished off my week between trips to Europe - which turned out to be my best week of riding so far this year - with a 44-mile hilly ride with Dr. Jim this morning. We rode both shores of Lake Lemon, then headed back to Anderson on Shilo Rd., so we could hit Beanblossom and the Forest Rd., before heading back home on Old 37, featuring climbs up to Hindustan and Firehouse Hill. Total climbing on the ride was somewhere around 2300 feet. Total miles for the week = 150.1. That's the most miles I've logged in a week of riding since moving down here in 2010.

Off to Wroclaw, Poland tomorrow, then to Florence, Italy for the annual meeting of the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE). After two weeks off the bike, I'm sure I'll feel like I'm starting from scratch when I get back.

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