Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Weekend in Cycling

I haven't had much time for riding this past week or this weekend because of a paper I have to finish for an upcoming conference. On Saturday, I just got out for a few late evening hill repeats up and down each side of Griffy Lake. Today, Dr. Jim and I rode out to the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and back. Temps were only in the low fifties, and winds were gusting to 23 or 24 mph out of the West. We rode plenty hard (for me), and averaged 17 mph.

In other news, we're a week into the Giro d'Italia, some of which I've managed to catch in the morning, while working away. I was very pleased to see Adam Hansen get a stage win off a great breakaway effort the other day. He's among my favorite riders in the pro Peloton, an often unrecognized hard man  - indeed, the only man to ride all three major tours last year. In addition to the Giro, the Tour of California started today, which'll give me something to watch while spinning on the trainer in the late afternoon this coming week.

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