Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Evening Recovery Ride

Local racer Chris Kroll has started a Monday evening recovery ride, which leaves from the tennis court parking area on Fee Lane (near the Bypass) at 6 pm. This evening was the first opportunity I had to join the ride. There were only five of us; last week, Chris said, there were a dozen, and he expects the group to get as large as 30 over the course of the summer.

The route was nice - a bit lumpy, but it's hard to avoid that around B-town. We rode up Hinkle past Griffy Lake to Bethel, over to Old 37, down Firehouse hill to Sample, up Sample hill and across 37, a quick jog down to Bottom Road, and back into down via Vernal Pike and 19th St. I struggled to keep up on the climb up Sample, but otherwise, felt pretty comfortable (heck, I'm surprised I was able to keep up on the two other big hills).

We rode 20 miles and averaged 15 mph. Of course, riding to and from the ride gave me a couple of extra climbs, once up either side of Griffy, and five extra miles. I totaled 1580 feet of climbing. Seems a bit much for a recovery ride, but that's what you get around here.

I highly recommend Chris' Monday evening recovery ride for all local cyclists, regardless of ability or fitness level. It's a no-drop ride, and (as I discovered this evening), they do regroup at the tops of climbs. Even if you think a 15-mph average is a bit much for you, come on out. On Mondays, everyone's happy to ride slow. If some (relative) novices or "older & wiser" riders join the group, the average speed will come down to suit them.

Tomorrow, I may ride into school, or just spin for a couple of hours on the training while watching the Arsenal match in the afternoon (or both). I need to get my miles in this week before heading to Israel next Monday for conferences in Tel Aviv and, the following week, in Amsterdam.

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