Friday, May 3, 2013

Best (and Longest) Ride of the Year (So Far)

Thanks to Larry and Woz for coming down to ride with me today around the hills north of Bloomington. Despite the threatening forecast, it turned out to be an ideal afternoon for riding, with mild temps, thinly overcast skies, and (relatively) light winds. We rode about 44 miles including both shores of Lake Lemon, Shiloh Rd., and Beanblossom, before heading back up Old 37 to Bethel and home. Larry and Woz were kind enough to ride at my pace, which made it an easy day for them (Woz said it was a "good rest day"), though plenty tough for me, with a total of about 2200 feet of climbing.

Here's a photo of Larry and I finishing the climb up Beanblossom:

And here I am with super-climber Woz at the top:

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