Sunday, May 19, 2013

Arsenal Make It Back to the Champions League

Arsene Wenger says it's like winning a trophy. Of course, it's not at all like winning a trophy, but it is worth a good deal of money, and it is a great mark of consistency that Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League (CL) for the 16 year running. And it was a run of consistency during the Premier League run-in that enabled the Gunners to capture the last CL place just ahead of arch-rival Tottenham.

As I've said before, I almost rather Arsenal had not qualified for the CL for next year. Almost. It would have put more pressure on Wenger and the bosses to change their ways. But, of course, I'm relived the Gunners have made it back into the top club competition in world football.

There is much work to do during the coming summer to improve the squad for next season, especially in defensive midfield, where Alex Song's position remains essentially unfilled, and up-front, where despite a decent return on investment from Olivier Giroud in his debut season with the Gunners, more scoring threats are needed. Overall, Arsenal need to improve their team speed (seems a strange thing to say with the likes of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain) in the squad. But especially in the midfield, the Gunners are not especially fleet of foot.

We'll see what happens when "the Professor" goes shopping this summer. In the past, he has always focused on the bargain bins. Hopefully, this summer he'll have the funds and the incentive to spend  big bucks on of the really flash items in the shop windows.

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