Monday, April 29, 2013

From One Conference to the Next

Having returned yesterday from the annual meeting of the Association for Law, Property, and Society, today is the semestral "mini-conference" at the Ostrom Workshop. It is one of the two longest-standing pillars of the Workshop, along with the Monday colloquia, having taken place each semester for the past 40 years. And it's a pretty cool event. Each semester, participants in the Workshop seminar, both grad students and visiting scholars, prepare papers for the mini-conference. Instead of presenting papers themselves however, their papers are presented and briefly critiqued by senior scholars, serving in a mentorship role to the conferees, before discussion ensues among the entire group. In some semesters, the mini-conference stretches out over two days; this semester, it's just one day.

I'll be presenting two papers this afternoon: one by Li Guoqing on the emergence of private homeowners' associations in China; another by Josephine van Zeben on the allocation of regulatory  competences in the EU. Needless to say, I never fail to learn a lot from prepping papers for presentation at the mini-conference.

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