Friday, April 12, 2013

Always Plenty to Do in Bloomington

I'm planning to start posting more about the various conferences and talks I get to around the IU campus on a weekly basis (but mostly in the Ostrom Workshop). I can never get to all the interesting events around campus each week. This week, I've managed to hear at least one interesting presentation almost each day:

Monday - Scott Barrett's (Columbia) Workshop colloquium (co-sponsored by the Econ. Dept.) on game theoretic treatments of different types of climate "catastrophes"

Wednesday - Visiting Scholar, Prof. Li Quoqing's Workshop colloquium on Homeowners' Associations in China (apparently the first true domestic NGOs allowed by the Chinese government).

Thursday - Kathryn Hendley's (Wisc.) Law & Society colloquium presentation on "Is Justice Possible in Russia's Courts? An Analysis from the Bottom Up"

Friday morning: Saad Eddin Ibrahim's presentation, with discussion by Nazif Shahrani and others, at a  Conference on Reform and Revolution in the Arab World.

Friday noon: Visiting Scholar Claudia Konrad's (Trier) Workshop colloquium on "Land Tenure, Institutional Diversity and Forest Resource Sustainability in the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador. An Analysis of the Socio Bosque Program"

I hope to be able to return Saturday to the Conference on Reform and Revolution in the Arab World for at least one or two more panels. But that depends on how class preps are progressing for next (the last) week's classes.

As I said, it's literally impossible to get to all the interesting talks, workshops, and conferences around campus; and that's excluding all of the marvelous concerts sponsored by the Jacobs School of Music. I'm still kicking myself for missing a chamber music concert last week featuring Hindemith and Schubert.

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