Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Ride

Finally, some decent riding weather, with temps climbing above 50 this afternoon and sunny skies (although winds were gusting upwards of 20 mph). Dr. Jim and I rode the forest route from my house (up Old 37 to Anderson, then up Beanblossom into Morgon-Monroe State Forest, and west along the Forest Rd back to Old 37. A total of 25 miles in just about 90 minutes. Not too bad considering my lack of conditioning, due to winter training plans that were derailed by illness and injury. No doubt, wearing my new Team Treachery & Deceit kit, with Karl Raynor's initials on upper arms, helped motivate me. Overall, my heart rate is about 10-15 bpm higher, relative to power output, than it will be after I get some more training miles in my legs.

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