Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Ready for Late Night

IU's men's basketball team really doesn't like playing games that start at 9 pm or later. Their two big home losses during the Big Ten season, to Wisconsin and Ohio State, were 9 pm starts. Tonight's "Sweet Sixteen" match against Syracuse didn't start until nearly 10 pm. On all three occasions, the IU players looked sleepy.

I don't blame them, I, too, was already sleepy when the game started. Unfortunately, the game was not exciting enough to wake me up. Some of the IU players (e.g., Cody Zoeller, Jordan Hulls, and Yogi Ferrell) never really woke up either.

UPDATE: A headline in Friday morning's Indy Star reads: "Indiana basketball: Victor Oladipo, Cody Zoeller not thinking about NBA after emotional loss" (see here). The gist of the article is that both players were concentrating fully on the NCAA championship and not their professional futures, which is as it should be. But Zoeller, at least, should seriously consider (or reconsider, as the case may be) whether he is ready to enter the NBA draft this year. On the evidence of last night's performance, and several other big games this season in which he was dominated by bigger, stronger bodies, NBA centers would chew him up and spit him out. He needs another summer and college season to build his upper body strength, and his mental strength. As for Oladipo, he's ready for the tough guys in the NBA, and has the all-around game to make it there.

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