Sunday, March 3, 2013

Could This Be Wenger's Waterloo?

It should be. After saying for the past few weeks that Arsenal could not afford to give up any more points in the League, and after saying this past week (in an apparent state of delusion) that Arsenal could finish second in the League, his team gave up two (lame) first-half goals to arch rival Tottenham Hotspurs and lost 2-1.

Arsenal have some great talent on their team - Cazorla, Wilshire - but not nearly enough of it to compete either in the League or in cup competitions. Even if Wenger were right to claim that they could finish second in the League, what other top manager would aspire to such a meaningless goal? Alex Ferguson would sooner retire than aspire to a second place finish. And the really sad thing is, such modest aspirations are completely out of Arsenal's reach.

Arsene Wenger is a man of genius who revolutionized the game in many ways, and Arsenal fans should forever be grateful for what he brought their club over many years. But Wenger is congenitally incapable of revising his approach to personnel, tactics, or finances to fit new times. Other teams have successfully replicated his methods; and a massive amount of evidence collected over several years indicates that his old methods no longer suffice.

He consistently loses his best players (and, mark my words, he will lose Wilshire sooner rather than later, if Arsenal continue to struggle), and pretends that mediocrities like Giroud, Arteta, and Santos to replace them, and re-signing mediocrities like Walcott (who could not start for any team currently above Arsenal in the League Table), are more than adequate replacements.

The once mighty Arsenal Football Club, which not long ago challenged the likes of Man U and Barcelona for global dominance, now finds itself keeping company of teams like Liverpool (which has also fallen on hard times), Everton, and (dare I say it) Swansea.

Throughout it all, and against the weight of all the evidence, Arsene Wenger remains supremely confident in his own genius. It is time for him to retire. Not at the end of this season, but this evening.

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