Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CL: Arsenal at Bayern

Arsenal need to win 3-0 to take the tie (after losing the first leg 3-1 at home). Can they do it? Well, stranger things have happened, but not many. I'll be watching, but not with much enthusiasm or hope. The Gunners have really tried my support this year (and I still think Wenger, although one of the all-time great managers, needs to resign).

UPDATE: An fine early goal by Giroud has no doubt raised the hopes of many an Arsenal fan, but I'll be highly skeptical until the final whistle ends. I can easily imagine Arsenal going ahead 3-0 and then conceding an easy, heartbreaking goal in second-half stoppage time.

UPDATE: All fairness to the Gunners. They scored a second goal in the second half, and Bayern were scared. Still, they couldn't pull off the big upset. Unfortunately, Arsene Wenger will probably crow about this result, and claim that it proves his team is on the right track (which would be the wrong lesson to learn from this Cup tie).

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