Saturday, February 23, 2013

Congrats to the Blackhawks

They set a new record last night for the best-ever start to a season, having not lost (in regulation) in 17 games. The only blemish on their record are two losses in post-overtime shoot-outs. But they've managed at least one point in their first 17 games. The three teams they have surpassed on this streak all went on to win the Stanley Cup. The odds of at least getting there look very, very good for Hawks fans.

I am personally appalled, however, by the NHL's ridiculous blackout restrictions, which prevented me from watching last night's game or any other home game because I am considered to live within Chicago's (and St. Louis's) local market, despite the fact that it would require a 4-hour drive each way for me to take in a Hawks game at Chicago Stadium. The NHL needs to draw more realistic "local market" boundaries.

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