Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wenger Is Still Whistling Past the Grave Yard

Today is the final day of the January transfer window, and Arsene Wenger is still standing pat with his pair of threes, while other, better teams are trying to improve on straights and threes-of-a-kind (see here). After yesterday's draw at home against Liverpool, which saw the Gunners claw their way back from a 2-0 deficit, Wenger declared his side "fantastic." This morning, word comes that they have lost starting left back Kieran Gibbs for up to three weeks. The only existing options for replacing him are (a) the ever-woeful Andre Santos or (b) pulling one of the center backs, Vermaelen or Koscielny, out to the left. Neither option is acceptable for a side that still hopes to compete for a Champion's League place, let alone an FA Cup title.

Still, Wenger still appears happy to stand pat with his pair of threes. He has declared that he will only enter the transfer market if he can find a player who can really strengthen his squad. If he cannot find, anywhere in the world, a player who is an improvement on Andre Santos, then either the soccer world is bereft of talent or Wenger needs better glasses.

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