Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to Governor Pence's "Brown" Indiana

Among his first acts after taking the oath of office today was to carry out a campaign promise by imposing a moratorium on pesky regulations, including environmental regulations, that hurt business by preventing them from poisoning the air and water Hoosiers breath and drink. The important thing, in his view, is to create more jobs no matter how much they cost in money, human health, or even human lives. This is, after all, the same man who in 2010 earned a lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters of 4% (see here), putting Pence in the bottom 10% of 435 House members when it came to protecting the environmental health and safety of Americans.

Based on that stellar record of environmental neglect, my fellow Hoosiers have now elected Pence to govern our state, which in 2007 ranked 49th (out of 50, for readers who might not know how many US states there are) on the Forbes list of "Greenest" states (see here). Four years later, Indiana improved by one spot on a similar USA Today list (see here). Put differently, Indiana is among the  "Brownist" states in the country. Don't look for that to change during a Pence administration. Although, with just a little effort he could make us #1 in pollution! What a coup that would be.

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