Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wayne LaPierre Gets It Bass-Ackwards

According to a story at (here), the NRA chief, in a speech in Reno, Nevada yesterday, referred to President Obama as one of the "'self-appointed arbiters of what freedom really means.'" Actually, the President is a democratically elected arbiter of what freedom means - the only such arbiter whose constituents include every eligible voter in the United States. LaPierre himself more closely fits the description of a "self-appointed arbiter" of freedom.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. We are all, at least potentially, self-appointed arbiters of freedom, with some ability (however limited compared to the leaders of mega-lobbies like the NRA)  to influence our elected representatives, including the President. 

Meanwhile, the self-appointed (by virtue of Marbury v. Madisonfinal arbiters of freedom sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. They will have the last word (probably several last words over many decades or even centuries) on the meaning of the "Second Amendment," in which no variant of the word "freedom" actually appears, but is implied by the word "right." 

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