Friday, January 18, 2013

Walcott Signs New Contract with Arsenal

Arsenal's sixth or seventh best player has now become it's highest paid player. As I've said before, Wenger had put himself in a tough position, having lost so many top players in the transfer market over the past couple of years, he was more or less forced to prove that he could keep a player who isn't nearly as good as any of the players he lost.

Walcott has certainly improved this year as a goal-scorer, but he remains frustratingly inconsistent.  I cringe every time I see him standing over a corner or free kick. I understand that Wenger couldn't risk losing Theo go mainly to reduce anxiety that his club was becoming nothing more than a "feeder" team for more well-heeled and competitive clubs. But he is paying above market price for a player who would not start on any team above Arsenal in the league table.

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