Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Arsene, Your Window Is Closing!

Three days left in the January transfer window and, as usual, Arsenal have not yet made a move. Arsene Wenger usually likes to wait until the last moment, when (he thinks) better bargains are to be had. As always, rumors have been flying about Arsenal's interest in this or that player, but to date no one has been signed.

The manager has made clear that he will only sign a player in January if he finds someone who he really believes can make his team better. He was recently quoted in The Telegraph (here) as saying, "If someone else can strengthen our squad, we will do it of course, but we have the resources inside to do well." I find this statement very worrying. If by "do well" he means he has the quality on the bench to finish in the top four in the Premiership for a Champion's League spot, but not win any trophies, he may be right, but even that conclusion requires a fair bit of optimism on the evidence of play so far this season.

Let's put it this way: Manchester United, currently in first place in the League and 19 points ahead of Arsenal, have made a signing, indicating that they believe players were available that could strengthen their squad. That fact alone would mock any decision by Wenger to stand pat with the squad he currently has. It would be like a poker player standing pat with a pair of threes, while his opponent, already possessing three of a kind, takes two new cards.

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