Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arsenal Sign Left Back At Deadline

The story is here. Here's the low-down on the new signing, according to a knowledgeable source (here):

The 26-year-old Monreal will fit seamlessly at Arsenal. He has an elegant blend of being a tough tackler and a technically gifted player on the ball. His positioning is excellent, while his decision-making has placed him firmly on the radar of Spain's "big two" for a number of years. 
Good in the air, difficult to knock off the ball, with an eye for a killer ball – that sums up Monreal.
This adds much needed depth to one position on the pitch, but in the near term it merely compensates for the loss of Keiran Gibbs to injury for (at least) three weeks, and avoids the need to start the defensively hapless Andre Santos.

It appears to be a good get for Arsenal. But is it enough to get the club closer to a fourth-place finish in the Premiership this season? I imagine that most Gunners fans were, like me, hoping for more in the way of reinforcements.

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