Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arsenal About to Break Wage Policy?

According to a story at The Telegraph (here), Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are now prepared to break the bank and their famously rigid ("socialist," according to the manager) wage structure, giving into Theo Walcott's demand to be paid £90,000 per week. How ironic that, after losing its best players over the past couple of years (in which category I include Fabregas, van Persie, and perhaps Song, but not Nasri), Arsenal finally have going to break open the piggy bank for the mediocre, but still marketable Walcott. Why couldn't they have learned this lesson before losing RvP?

Arguably, Fabregas could not have been kept at any price; he truly wanted to return home to Spain. But does anyone doubt that van Persie would have stayed if Arsenal's wage offer had been anywhere close to Man.U.'s?

Assuming The Telegraph story is accurate, I wonder how much the decision to open the purse for Walcott was influenced by Arsenal's unsuccessful efforts, earlier this week, to prise David Villa away from Barcelona (see here). Of course, no stories about January transfers should be given too much credence before contracts actually are signed.

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