Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wigan 0 - Arsenal 1

After looking like falling apart, Arsenal have taken full points in their last three games, including two on the road. Arsenal never like traveling to the Northwest of England, and the playing conditions for today's match did not portend the kind of offensive output the Gunners achieved at Reading. Nevertheless, it was a strong team performance, in which the defense held their form and cleared their lines well. And Mikel Arteta clinically took the penalty after Walcott was bundled over in the box.

True enough, Wigan fielded a defensive side, and only threatened the Arsenal goal on a couple of occasions. Equally true, Wigan are among the bottom dwellers in the league. But they are a better team than their record shows, and they gave Arsenal a very tough match.

For a few hours, at least, the Gunners are sitting in third place in the league table. By the end of the weekend, they will likely be back in fifth.

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