Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Ride

I was planning to head up to Indy rain or shine. If it rained, Coach Bob was going to run an indoor training session. But the rain was out of the area early this morning, temperatures were balmy (for December), and SW winds were gusting up to 20 mph (and higher). So, we headed WSE from Traders' Point to Jamestown and back. On the way out, into the wind, I reclaimed my "office" at the back and left the pulling to the stronger riders (everyone but me) while I struggled just to hang on. We averaged 17.6 mph for the first half of the ride, which was almost entirely into headwinds and crosswinds.

The second half of the ride, coming back, was far more civilized. Aided by strong winds mostly at our backs, we averaged over 22 mph, although I had to slow the group down a couple of times after we were riding some miles at 27 or 28 mph. For the 46-mile ride as a whole, we average 19 mph.

Thanks to Dr. Wilkes for organizing the ride, to Bob, Jim, and the rest of the gang for slowing down for me a couple of times. The ride itself was hard work and good fun; but mostly I enjoyed seeing some of the old gang again. I don't get up to Indy for rides as often as I'd like. I only wish more of the gang had been able to make today's ride. Part of that wish is selfish - a larger group could have insulated me even more from that nasty wind on the way out.

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