Monday, December 17, 2012

Putting the Fall 2012 Semester Into the Rear-view Mirror

I finished grading Law & Economics today, and about halfway through grading the Seminar in Institutional Analysis and Development, which mainly entails re-reading and providing comments on all of the student papers prepared for the "mini-conference," with which we ended the semester. I also plan to re-read and provide detailed comments on all the papers visiting scholars in the Workshop prepared for the "mini-conference."

After I'm done with the remaining papers, and finish up a couple of other chores, including drafting a letter for the tenure file and a research assessment report for the Canadian Social Sciences and Research Council, I may be able to take a couple of days off work before turning my attention to the Spring 2013 semester, during which I'll be teaching first-year Property and Climate Law and Policy (both in the law school). I haven't taught Property in a few years, and will be teaching some stuff in the course I haven't taught for more than a decade (one of my colleagues talked me into teaching the Rule Against Perpetuities, the recording system, and other subjects that I had long-ago discarded). So, it will involve a good deal of prepping. Little rest for the wicked over the holidays, I'm afraid.

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