Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Off to the Big Apple

The Institute for Policy Integrity (IPI) at NYU Law School is hosting its Fourth Annual Workshop on Cost-Benefit Analysis and Issue Advocacy this Thursday. Here's the notice from IPI's website (here):
In December, the Institute for Policy Integrity will once again bring together leading practitioners, government officials, and academics for our annual workshop on cost-benefit analysis. The early sessions of the day will offer an introduction to economic analysis and its role in the regulatory process to those new to the material or in need of a refresher. The later sessions will take a more nuanced look at the regulatory system under President Obama and what the results of November’s election will mean for government regulation over the next four years.
These are very useful workshops designed to (a) convince environmental groups (among other advocacy organizations) them that cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is not just a tool for anti-regulatory interest groups and (b) teach them about how CBAs are done. This year, I'll be on a round table panel discussing the problem of making environmental policy in a hyper-partisan era. I have been proud to serve on the Advisory Board of the IPI since its inception four years ago.

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