Monday, December 31, 2012

Misunderestimating the Colts

I love it that so many pundits who didn't expect the Colts to win more than three or four games this season are now discounting their 11-5 regular-season record because most of their victories were by small margins against teams with losing records. Statistically, the Colts are not among the better teams in the league. Statistically, Andrew Luck was not among the league's top quarterbacks (though it's worth noting that he did not have the kind of run support or defenses from which RGIII and Russell Wilson benefited in Washington and Seattle, respectively, and he was playing in an offense that fired the ball downfield from week 1). They just managed to win 11 games (most of which they were not supposed to win), apparently with smoke and mirrors.

Now, maybe the Colts will beat the Ravens next weekend in Baltimore in the first round of the playoffs, and maybe they won't. But I certainly won't be taking the pundits' word for it that the Colts are doomed because their statistics say so.

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