Monday, December 10, 2012

Arsenal Once Again Look to Their Past for Help

"Henry Close to Arsenal Return" the headlines announce.

Thierry Henry is widely acknowledged as the best player in the history of Arsenal Football Club (though I would put him just behind Dennis Bergkamp). He is now 35 years old and plies his trade for the New York Red Bulls in the MLS. Last year, when Arsenal were struggling, Henry joined them on loan from the Red Bulls and helped them to right their season. Once again, Arsenal are struggling (less explicably, given their roster), and the call has gone out to Henry to ride to the rescue again, now that the MLS season has ended.

Can he help? Sure. While he has lost a step or two (or three), Henry remains a player of great confidence (something sorely lacking at The Emirates) and quality. But that Arsenal should require his services for a second year running is just sad.

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