Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Ride

In what was probably the last really nice day (of a really nice week) for riding for a while - 53 degrees when I left the house, 60 degrees by the time I got back - Dr. Jim and I had time for just a shortish ride out Old 37 to Sample, over to Chalmers Pike, to Bottom Rd., and back via Kinser Pike, the Cascades, 19th St., and Fee. Including a few warm-up miles, I totaled 23 for the day, which gives me about 92 for the week. I'll likely hit 100 tomorrow, but it will almost certainly be indoors on the trainer. After highs in the mid-60s today, a front is coming through tonight and tomorrow. By Saturday, the higher temperature is expected to be 35. It's that time of year, but I've been spoiled this week by the unlikely combination of balmy weather and time to ride, which I haven't had for most of the semester. I guess I should be thankful.

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