Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Conferences and Four Trips in Five Weeks

Last week, Columbus, OH for the Eco-summit, where I appeared on a plenary panel honoring the legacy of the late Lin Ostrom.

This weekend, in Chicago to visit family.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, memorial celebrations at IU in honor of both Ostroms. Tomorrow is the big university event, followed on Tuesday by a smaller event for Workshoppers only. More than 300 r.s.v.p.'d in advance for Monday event; and we'll probably have 100 or more at the Tuesday get together. Tomorrow's gathering falls during regular class time for me, but I avoided the conflict by deciding it was a convenient time to have the students take a mid-term exam, which I intend to grade during downtime in Madison later this week.

This coming weekend to Madison, WI to present a paper on "The Varieties of Comparative Institutional Analysis" at a conference honoring Neil Komesar. I just finished a half-decent draft of the paper this evening. If the presentation goes well, I may post the paper next week; if it doesn't go well, I might go back to the drawing board.

By the time I leave for Madison, I should have completed a shorter essay I have to write in preparation for a conference in two-weeks time at ASU in Tempe. The conference is generally about the applicability of polycentric approaches to global and international issues. I plan to write something making the more or less obvious point that all international systems must polycentric, in some meaningful sense of the word, to have any chance of accomplishing anything. The real issue, therefore, is to distinguish between the comparative effectiveness and efficiency of different levels and scopes of feasible polycentricism.

After the ASU conference I have a one-month reprieve before my next trip to a conference and board meeting at NYU. Then, another month until the Winter semester travel begins with the trip to the Association of American Law Schools annual meeting in New Orleans (which I only rarely attend). Because of a very full Winter teaching schedule - 7 credit hours including what will amount to an (almost) new prep - I'm trying to keep travel during the semester to a minimum; though shortly after the semester ends, I have conferences on consecutive weekends in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. In between, I should be able to get to the UK to visit my daughter who is spending the year studying at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

All of this leads me to wonder, when will I find time to ride my bike. I certainly haven't found any during the  past couple weeks. But hope springs eternal.

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