Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gov. Romney v. Candidate Romney on Environmental Issues

Over at Legal Planet (here) Dan Farber provides a nice table highlighting Romneys' complete reversals on environmental issues over the past decade. This should not be surprising, given the candidate's propensity to play both Jekyll and Hyde on virtually every issue. Voters surely need to ask themselves which Romney would actually govern as president. If we trust what he has said most recently, then those of us who favor a practical, effective, and cost-effective system of environmental protection have much to fear from a Romney presidency. His most recently stated positions on environmental issues render him, as Farber suggests, a "carbon-copy of George W. Bush." Meanwhile, those who believe (erroneously as it happens) that EPA is an out-of-control "job-killing" agency should be pretty happy with a carbon copy of W. But, given Romney's many deviations from his past positions, can they really trust that Romney will maintain his current campaign positions once he takes office?

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