Monday, October 22, 2012

Congratulations to No One

No surprise that the UCI has stripped Lance Armstrong of all his titles and banned him for life in the wake of the USADA's findings (see here). UCI president Pat McQuaid, previously a staunch defender of Armstrong (who not coincidentally contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the UCI's anti-doping effort), now maintains that "Armstrong has no place in cycling."

So, who won the Tour de France 1999-2005? No one. The director of that race, Christian Prudhomme, already has announced that Armstrong's victories should not be re-attributed to other cyclists (which would be highly problematic given that nearly all of them were doping, just like Armstrong) (see here).

Will Armstrong spend the rest of his life in the cycling wilderness? I sincerely doubt it. My guess is that within five years, 10 at most, he'll be re-embraced as the champion he was. But there will be a price to be paid: he'll have to confess.

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